The Magic Parlour

Come as You Are, Leave as Someone Else

Ah Dunskey! Ah the beautiful, magical and splendid Edwardian gem of Portpatrick. Lovingly restored and curated by our stellar team of trailblazers, visionaries and dreamers, we are a space that always inspires and transforms. And nowhere is this more apparent than in our Magic Parlour.

What’s that we hear you say? Is that where rabbits emerge out of hats? And spades and diamonds appear and disappear into thin air? Well almost. In fact, the reality is even more enchanting.

First off, you see an old wardrobe. And you’re invited to step into it. And in you go, with bated breath and eyes wide open. Swish goes the vivid red curtain and then there you are – inside the Magic Parlour. 

Surrounded by things that make your eyes grow wide. There – you see the antlers so gorgeously decorated with a crown of feathers and roses, framed by a bejewelled band that dazzles you. Next to it swings the most splendid red velvet coat, fringed by fur that’s whiter than snow. And then there’s a cabinet of curiosities. Jewel-like scarabs of rich red hue shine through clear glass domes. Multicoloured plumed head-dresses beckon to you. Majestic antlers beg to be touched. 

And just as you’re taking in the glory of this room in all its splendour you’re invited to step outside of your current self and asked to don these magnificent, magical costumes. At first, you’re shy, but then you do it. You put on a majestic, feathered head-dress and with a sense of childlike wonder look at yourself in the mirror – and suddenly you can’t believe your own eyes. Is it really you that you see in the looking glass? Who is this magically resplendent creature, this glittering god/goddess who looks back at you? 

And the answer is – it’s you. It’s always been you, it’s been within you. Dunskey has just given you permission to release your inner magic, to set it free for the world to see and capture it for eternity. Go forth free, and wild and beautiful in our Magic Parlour and into the world. We at Dunskey love everything you are. And everything you’re becoming.