Fawn’s Velvet

Orange is the new Look

Did you know that the word “orange” derived from the Sanskrit word “naranga” (नारङ्ग) ? We absolutely love sloshing this word NARANGA around our mouth, to feel its vowels forming hard candies, making us take little gulps of air. 

Literature and art are suffused with orange. From our favourite paintings, such as Winslow Homer’s The New Novel and Flaming June by Lord Frederick Leighton, to the modern take on orange as a sense of hope in the tiger’s stripes in Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, we’d never run out of inspiration!

So it goes without saying that in our third and hopefully final lockdown, we finish Fawn’s Velvet, our pandemic project. Harking to the rusted orange of the fawn’s budding antlers, we choose this muted colour as the accent in the lodge. As we will be completing this ultra-luxe lodge during the bluebells glory-bloom, French periwinkle blue becomes the dominant theme, aspiring to everlasting hope for the new season. 

We leave you with our mood board and this gorgeous excerpt from The Orange Tree by John Shaw Neilson.

The young girl stood beside me.
I saw not what her young eyes could see:
– A light, she said, not of the sky
Lives somewhere in the Orange Tree.