Fragrant Memories

Beyond Wedding Flowers at Dunskey

The frothy petals of peonies are enough to make any bride swoon, but what about the lemony scents of the blooms? Often, so many sensual sights are available for our eyeballs that we neglect all our other senses. Indeed, scents are deeply connected to how we form and recall the most visceral memories, which is yet another great reason to choose seasonal flowers for your day of magical celebration

At Dunskey Castle, we have been so lucky to handle floral arrangements and installations for every single event we have ever hosted. We always, always, always feature the best of what the season has to offer. After all, why shy away from nature when she’s at her most extra? At its seasonal peak, whichever flower that is currently in bloom is guaranteed to behave much more extravagantly. This means, most importantly, that you’ll likely get a gorgeous scent to perfume your bouquet. 

Of course, we also cheekily sneak in there the fragrances from the Estate. From verbena lemon, to sage, rosemary, lavender, and pine, consider it a blend of aromas that has been specifically created for the memory of your wedding flowers. 

There’s no better way to tantalize your senses with more reminders of your wedding day long after the actual date. Using seasonal blossoms means when a peony unfurl her magnificent petals, you’ll be instantly reminded of your early-summer bouquet. Dark berries that appear in late autumn can transport you to the bracken that dress your table during the wedding dinner. Plus it’s so much better for the environment!