Dunskey Beach Games

Stones-Stacking in the Pandemic Winter

Every single one of us is struggling in some way with the ongoing pandemic. In Scotland, we have been in full-on, strict lockdown since mid December 2020, the coldest and darkest period of the year as well. These days, every bit of whimsical distraction goes an incredibly long way. 

We took the children to the sea for beach games and stones-stacking competition. It was bitterly cold with a harsh wind that scattered the seafoam onto the cragged coastline. But it provided a momentary respite, where we didn’t have to think about our parents’ isolation, the financial state of our business, or even what was for dinner. 

The smoothest pebbles stacked the highest tower, but it required a focused contemplation, akin to meditation. Our hands grew cold as we weighted each rock’s precarious balance on our fingertips. It was solace, and just for a bit, it was enough. 

Ok full disclosure, while stones stacking competition took place, we also ran away from the group, smashed rocks into smithereens and considered screaming into the void. The kids thought we were looking for geodes but perhaps we were looking for some other answers inside those rocks. Such is the lockdown life.