Into The Chill

Cold Swimming At Dunskey

Is it life’s latest elixir? Possibly. If you follow the latest pop science, you’ll no doubt have heard that cold swimming is the panacea to all that ails you. From reducing inflammation that is linked to dementia, to a kind of body shock that can jolt you out of a depression, it seems everyone is taking the plunge on cold swimming. 

Popularized by Wim Hof the Iceman with his controlled breathing technique, cold swimming has gained particular traction during lockdown and the pandemic. And honestly, we can’t think of a nicer place than Dunskey Lower Loch to tap into your primordial chill. 

Our friend Gavin Lee has been training in the Dunskey loch for his attempt to cross the Irish Channel from Northern Ireland to Portpatrick. Frigid temperature, violent currents and stinging jellyfish be damned, the man’s got a plan! Gavin has previously swam in subzero temperatures, where he hacked away at the ice with an ax to create a channel within the loch. See him here in action, and sip some strength from his well of courage.  

Watch now: