Work Here. Work Deep.

Dunskey = Perfect remote working

We hosted a lot of remote workers during the Corona year, and it was entirely by accident. Through many long conversations with our guests, we discovered that hey, we may be the most perfect remote work environment!

Three reasons for your body:

1. Written On The Body: Not just a book by Jeannet Winterson. Leather swishy office chair, lumbar support, dedicated work space. You’re here to reach that major milestone. Let’s get you all comfy.
2. A Clean, Well-Lighted Place: Yes a short story by Ernest Hemmingway, but also how you’d describe every space you’d choose to work at Dunskey. Bright, inspired with a view, exceptionally cozy.
3. Then We Came to the End: A novel by Joshua Ferris (about working, natch). Also what we mean when you’ve found a place that’s absolutely ideal for deep work. A well-stocked and incredibly equipped kitchen, homemade snacks and drinks, and a 24-7 support team to take care of any problem. Did we say that a one-Michelin star chef is also available?

Three reasons for your mind:

1. Five O’clock World: it’s a song from 1966s by the Vogues. It’s also your life when you shut the computer and go wild on 2000-acre private estate. Discover here endless woodlands, meadows, beaches and waterfalls. 
2. She Works Hard for the Money: Donna Summer sings it best. An utterly idyllic and SAFE environment for all workers, on a remote coastal property, supported by an over-the-top feministic team. You’ll find it here at Dunskey.
3. Whistle While You Work: Yes this song was sung by petite diamond miners, but it doesn’t mean you won’t do the same. The arcadia and spectacular beauty of Dunskey will push your work to new heights, we promise. 

Three reasons for your “what’s next?” 

1. A community as you wish. Somehow, our guests have helped us to define Dunskey. We have attracted the most incredible human beings. Conversations are available to you, at some of our fantastic outdoor and indoor spaces, to challenge your ideas and perhaps even to inspire. 
2. Give back. We provide opportunities to engage with our community, so you can contribute meaningfully during your time here. From giving a talk to primary school students on how awesome your job is, to perhaps sharing stories with elderly people in the village, we support you to love our community.
3. Intelligence and compassion. We practice these values by asking you to do the same. Join us in guided walks, conversations, and endless other thoughtful activities, in group or solo, and gaze into your inner purpose. 

The final reason. Dunskey is magic. You will be transformed. We can’t explain it, but you will experience and witness it on every level. .