Soup for the Scottish Soul

Dave's Leek Soup

It’s been colder than a witch’s tit. Now is that acceptably funny, or borderline misogynistic? Let’s ponder that while we warm up with a bowl of delectable leek soup from our head chef, David Alexander. We call the dish “Dave’s Signature Leek Soup”.

This leek soup is regularly featured at staff meetings, and is permanently available for our guests in the lodges to order ahead of time. And we promise you, we receive a constant stream of requests for this recipe. 


1 white onion

2 white of leeks

1 celery stalk or 

4 oz celeriac

1 medium baking potato

4 oz butter 

1 clove garlic

2 sprigs fresh thyme

2 tablespoons creme fraiche

Salt and pepper

3 pints chicken or vegetable stock


Clean and dice vegetables to a similar size

Add butter to the pan on a medium heat  

Soften vegetables in the butter without any colour until soft and sweet

Add thyme garlic and stock and simmer till vegetables are soft

Blend in a food processor with creme fraiche and pass through a sieve. This step is VERY important!

Adjust seasoning and serve your leek soup.