Splendour Found

Treasures at Dunskey

Our six-year anniversary at Dunskey is coming up in June, and we wish we can tell you of all the incredible discoveries we stumbled upon inside the Castle. Here is a tiny list to whet your appetite.

1. The antique Olivetti typewriter, circa 1930s. This little beauty was sitting in a back cupboard, covered in cobweb and home to several long-legged spiders. It has been cleaned and is now proudly on display at the Estate office, next to a stack of typed and calligraphed village ledgers. 

2. To this ceramic-obsessed woman, we completely struck gold. There was a small amount of blue-and-white jars and vases scattered throughout the house. Some of them can be seen in the original photos of the Castle in the 1920s. We believe that Charles Lindsay Orr Ewing who built the Estate brought them back from China from his travels in the Tonkin Gulf. 

3. Travel trunks. No wheelies here for the early Scottish aristocrats. It is all leather, engravings, web-linen lining, and intricate brass buckles. The trunks are exceptional in craftsmanship and quality, the leather gently softening with time. They adorn the Club room at Dunskey, where the patriarch’s travel souvenirs are kept. 

4. Charles Orr Ewing’s camera. This is a Lancaster Instantograph, circa 1890s, and was used throughout his round-the-world journey to capture the most incredible photographs. We are currently working on a fascinating project and can’t wait to share more details with you.