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Savour Extraordinary Flavours

Everything about my stay at the Dunskey Estate far exceeded my expectations. The location, estate, and grounds were beautiful. On top of this, Ali, Anne, and the entire staff were fantastic, the stellar service, attention to detail, and delicious food were as good, if not better than anywhere else I have ever stayed. They truly made the weekend memorable. This estate will be on my travel list for years to come, you should make it yours too.

I attended a wedding at Dunskey Estate and cannot even begin to express my profound admiration and love for the staff and our hosts. It was a life experience and we were greeted and treated with such warmth. The rooms were amazing, the food impeccable and the service a delight. Everything was organized with precision and grace. All of the events went off without a hitch and everyone had an absolute blast. I have never been so impressed.

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Testimonial From Our Storyteller's Retreat

I didn't tell you when we tiptoed over that threshold that we were slipping between worlds, into one made of make believe. One where dreams dance outside of our heads, where we walk mazes in the dead of night, where butterflies live indoors.



Unparalleled Service

I wish I could give 10 stars to award the owners and staff at Dunskey Estate! From the minute our 80 friends and family arrived for a three night stay at this magnificent estate, our every need was met. The staff were so kind and always smiling. The owners have turned their home into a one of a kind experience, with every detail well planned. Every meal was fantastic. Prepared by a chef who deserves special recognition for making sure all special dietary requests were fulfilled.

My only regret is not being able to stay longer!

Thank you to Ali and Anne and the wonderful staff for making this a once in a life team dream trip.

My wedding at Dunskey Estate was nothing short of magical. I could spend hours writing this review and never run out of compliments to give Anne, Ali, Lynda, Andrea, Chloe, and the rest of the team. Above all, they truly CARE—they care that your vision is realized, they care about your happiness, they care about your guests’ comfort and enjoyment. I knew that my wedding weekend would be perfect logistically but I didn’t anticipate how truly JOYOUS it would be. The Dunskey team enabled us to have that experience, and I will be grateful for the rest of my life.

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Testimonial From the Pequity Team Retreat

This place is hands down the most beautiful place on Earth. I came to Dunskey on a work retreat and was blown away by the scenery.



Transcend the Ordinary

The only word that comes to mind to encapsulate this beautiful experience is magical. I loved every second of it. The laird and the lady were involved in every detail and welcomed us warmly into their home. The staff at Dunskey was so wonderful, attentive, and personable. The estate is lovely and it’s surroundings are gorgeous. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top this experience. Thank you to everyone at Dunskey for all the love and hard work you put forth. I will never forget it.

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Testimonial From Ariel and John's Wedding

It almost sounds trite to say that this was a magical experience, but it really was. As the father of the bride I couldn't have been more proud and happy at how things turned out.



Spectacular Vistas

Dunskey is one of the most extraordinary places I’ve stayed. The owners are hospitable and lovely. The staff is incredible. The facilities are top notch. The property is beautiful and full of things to do and see. I spent five days there for a wedding. I wish I had stayed longer. Highly recommended.

The estate itself is glamorous and refined, but still inviting and warm. Somehow it feels like home to everyone. The food was unrivaled and beyond exceeded our expectations. Our guests had a range of tastes, dietary needs, allergies, and requests, and every single person repeatedly remarked on the beauty and deliciousness of the food. The decor – flowers, candles, menus, name card, displays, etc. were flawless. All of our guest activities – from golf and massages to soccer (football) and lawn games were perfectly planned.

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Testimonial From Roz's Family Reunion

Not enough vocabulary words exist to describe how marvelously magical Dunskey Estate truly is! We have searched for one single negative to report in order to provide some constructive criticism, and there simply is none! Dunskey Estate is perfection!



Masters of Logistics

Our wedding at Dunskey was the most magical, beautiful and special day of our lives. It is hard to fully capture how incredible the team at Dunskey is, but I’ll try! From the minute we inquired about the estate to the moment we bid our farewells, Anne and everyone at Dunskey were incredible planners and hosts. I have overseen major corporate events, attended many lavish affairs, and have been to many weddings… but this was by far the most seamless and beautiful event.

Wedding planning is notoriously complicated and stressful. Everyone talks about how you “spend all this money for a few hours of a party” and there’s always something that goes wrong. Our experience at Dunskey could not be further from that – the planning process was seamless, easy, and enjoyable. Rather than a party, we were able to host an 4-day escape for those we hold nearest and dearest and make memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re remotely considering a wedding, are interested in a bespoke event catered to you and your guests, and don’t want to settle for ordinary, I cannot recommend the team at Dunskey enough. Thank you for a magical stay – we can’t wait to visit on an anniversary soon.

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Hall of Fame Guests

All our guests are the glitterati, and a few come with extra sparkles.

Adrienne Young

New York Times Bestselling author of Fable, Saint, and Namesake

Nick Knight

MBE, visionary artist and photographer

Gerard Butler

Actor, producer

Matt Rogers & Swati Mylavaparukvsh

Entrepreneurs, Co-founder of Google Nest, Co-founders of Climatelead

Guy Ritchie

Film director, producer

Sir Ian Botham

OBE, philanthropist, member of House of Lords

Sir Chris Hoy

Olympic gold medal cyclist

Neve Campell

Actress, producer

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The Dunskey team is excited to introduce a new platform for lodge booking. If you have any questions or need assistance during the booking process, please email us at

*Dunskey Estate currently accepts a minimum three-night stay throughout the year, with flexible check-in and check-out dates. During Christmas and New Year 2023, we have a seven-night minimum stay, with check-in and check-out dates as Wednesday December 20th, Wednesday December 7th, and Wednesday January 3rd.

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