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Home to Endless Exploration and Adventure

Elevate Your Itinerary

With over 2000 acres of lush glens, lochs, wilderness and beaches, guests can enjoy a wide array of activities right on the estate. From a raucous game of woodland laser tag to foraging and fishing, the possibilities of what you can do are almost endless. We’ll take care of all the minute details, coordination and planning for you — you just need to show up for the fun. And, if you want to head off the property for a day, the Portpatrick Dunskey Golf Club, pubs, and village are just a short walk from Dunskey. All activities must be booked at least 30 days prior to arrival.



Just Wing It

Learn how to handle an owl or eagle. If you’re getting married at Dunskey, an experienced handler can help you train a feathered friend to deliver your rings at your wedding ceremony. This unforgettable experience must be booked in advance.

The Dunskey Olympics

We’re All Winners Here*

Unlike the “actual” Olympics, The Dunskey Olympics require no real physical prowess. A four “sport” event that pits you against friends and family, this good-natured competition is a ridiculous amount of fun and is bound to please even your least athletic friend.

*exceptions apply


Make Robinhood Proud

Archery provides exhilarating competition for both a novice or an expert, truly testing its practitioner’s skill and strength. Experienced teachers are on hand to show newcomers proper form, helping everyone to become masters of precision. Equipment will be provided.


Whatever Floats
Your Boat

Unlike running, kayaking is a fun way to exercise (without feeling like you’re actually exercising). Grab a friend and go in one of our two-person kayaks or take a solo adventure in a one-person craft.

Woodland Laser Tag

Game On

A healthy dose of adrenaline and some friendly competition is just what your trip to Dunskey needed.

Woodland laser tag is a fun, adventurous way to spend time together outdoors and get active. Work in teams, or make it a solo effort, to destroy people you supposedly love or respect.

Zorb Ball Soccer

Suit Up

It’s soccer with a twist. Bounce, flip and roll as you fight for possession of the ball whilst encased in an inflatable bubble.

Portpatrick Golf Club

Golf Where the Game Was Created

Thanks to west Scotland’s mild winters, golf can be played all year round in the lowlands. Just a short walk from Dunskey Estate is Portpatrick Dunskey, an 18-hole, 5913 yard Par 70 golf course with awe-inspiring views. The mixture of rolling moorland and seaside heath make for a fun course that will challenge golfers of all levels.


Catch of the Day

Dunskey Estate’s lochs are plentiful with fish, including rainbow and brown trout — if you’re lucky enough to catch one, our head chef will be happy to prepare it for you. Whether you want to make it a family outing or enjoy solitary serenity, fishing is a great way to spend a few hours in the great outdoors. Tackle and equipment are on-site, ready and waiting.


Saddle-up at Neighbouring Stables

Just a fifteen-minute drive from the estate is a nearby stable which caters to all levels of experience and groups of up to 5.


Onward March

Throughout Dunskey Estate you’ll find walks of all durations requiring varying levels of skill. Follow one of our handy estate maps or go on a guided walk with our head gardener—they know all there is to know about the plant species found on the property.

If you feel like you’ll want a break while trekking around, let us know. We can arrange a mid-walk picnic, hot drinks en route, or you can stop at the village pub—it’s right on the way to the old Dunskey Castle ruins.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

You Miss All the Shots You Don’t Take*

We offer clay pigeon shooting for all skill levels with experienced teachers on-site. All necessary equipment will be provided. For experienced guests, we recommend trying a simulated game drive for an added challenge.

*no guarantees on the ones you do take either

Indoor Activities

The Multi-purpose Room

This spacious room wears many hats, oftentimes functioning as a movie theatre, yoga space and art studio. If you dream it, it can be it.

Spend time together relaxing in an in-house movie theatre. With a state of the art sound system, you can laugh along to Monty Python, cry over My Dog Skip, or, if horror is more your style, scream bloody murder (for this particular genre, we recommend avoiding movies set in the countryside).

Yogi’s rejoice — this room can also transform into a light-filled yoga space, holding up to 20 individuals at one time. Heated or unheated options are available.

Book Your Stay

The Dunskey team is excited to introduce a new platform for lodge booking. If you have any questions or need assistance during the booking process, please email us at

*Dunskey Estate currently accepts a minimum three-night stay throughout the year, with flexible check-in and check-out dates. During Christmas and New Year 2023, we have a seven-night minimum stay, with check-in and check-out dates as Wednesday December 20th, Wednesday December 7th, and Wednesday January 3rd.

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