Diaphanous Inspiration

Wren’s Nest Renovation

Seemingly treated as an afterthought, this little lodge was in tattered condition for quite some time. Inside, the layout was equally bizarre, where you had to duck under the stairs to access a literal hole-in-a-wall bathroom. When we slated it for renovation, a decade of cigarette smoke had darkened all the walls and carpets. We nearly wept!

Luckily, our head of maintenance and construction projects Alan Sparrow was the little bird that could! Please don’t tell him we called him that. Alan and Nathan, alongside some partners, diligently chipped away at this lodge, with a complete gutting, to bring it to newfound splendour. 

This lodge is inspired by the squishy vividness of the scenes from Heaven in the movie What Dreams May Come. We love the saturated, nearly pulpy quality of the wildflowers fields through which Robin William prances. It brings to mind the nature of this lodge, where luxuriating in ethereal colours and rich textures all around is heavenly indeed. 

We will be launching this lodge at the end of May 2021, and we simply can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world.