Fawn’s Velvet

Sunset Fairytale. Self-Catering Holiday Cottage

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When we took over this lodge, it was literally rotting. Toilets had been ripped out of it, and the stables lay in complete darkness. The chimney mysteriously leaked incessantly, and mold grew everywhere. 

The stables block had cobble stones, and old floorboards were dumped onto cement ground. It was bizarrely dank, but worst of all, was damp and cold. 

With enormous eco-conscious efforts, our incredible duo Alan and Nathan Sparrow worked tirelessly to improve energy conservation by stripping everything back to brick and relining each wall and floors with two-inch thick insulation panels. What’s more, we moved entirely away from fossil fuel by putting in electrical underfloor heating and an induction unit in the fancy kitchen. 

While the decor may be the most visible improvements, we can assure you that it was the deep love and care that our construction team poured into this lodge that has turned it from low-grade horror to fairytale.