Rose Blair Lodge

Maximalism (and feminism??) by the meadows

Staycation in Scotland.

A bit of digging through our history reveals some tantalizing gossip behind Rose Blair Lodge’s namesake. In true feminist fashion, Jean Blair was the sole proprietor of Dunskey in the early mid 1780s, even though such stature was rarely afforded to the ladies. Here’s the other kicker, when she married James Hunter, they BOTH changed their names to Hunter-Blair, practically unheard of at the time, and certainly aroused some pearl clutching among fine society. 

The British Crown, in 1786, awarded James Hunter Blair a baronetcy, and we must all call him Sir henceforth. A painting of the Hunter Blairs and their children, in front of Dunskey, hangs in the National Galleries of Scotland. “Cast thine eyes upon my wee children and Estate,” James seems to say.

Bearing the Baronetess’ name and her proclivity towards romance, Rose Blair Lodge embodies a richness of colours and subtle luxury that we hope can inspire a bit of swooning. Modern interpretation, of course, means that yoga in the morning sun next to the wildflowers bank at the lodge will ensure perhaps some of your own heart palpitations.