self catering cottages at Dunskey Estate

Self catering cottages – Fern Forest Lodge

Self catering cottages. A Most Spectacular Holiday: Fern Forest Lodge “Don’t hesitate, just book!” –Suzanne, Airbnb“Absolute gem of a find!” — Rachel, Airbnb“Loved the house, great place and brilliant in every aspect.” –David, Airbnb Well gosh, with reviews like that,… Read more »

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dunskey year in review

Dunskey Year In Review.

We put aside our dreams, but kept our feet on the pedals. In 2020, year most extraordinary, we all lost much, but found completely new ways to engage with our communities.

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Ready to Crumble

Did you know that apple crumble is the result of Britain’s post-war rationing? After WWII, crumbles became increasingly popular as the topping was a simpler and more economical alternative to pastry. Since those modest origins, the humble apple crumble has… Read more »

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Feasting for Cause

Let’s admit it, we were sneaky. But honestly, what did our guests expect when they arrived at Dunskey for a pop-up dinner just after Halloween? There was no way some sort of quirky magic wouldn’t occur! But first, let’s talk about… Read more »

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Dunskey’s Sweet Autumn Scents

We love autumn at Dunskey. The nights have grown noticeably longer and the weather discernibly cooler, and the estate has exploded into an arresting kaleidoscopic earth-hued colour pallette. But as well as the fiery foliage, it’s the Katsura tree, also… Read more »

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